Join us for the 2014 EuroDevCon!

For three days in November, the EuroDevCon 2014 welcomes some of the worlds leading Delphi experts, thinkers and practitioners to share their craft and mastery secrets.

The EuroDevCon 2014 offers a deep dive for the modern developer and architect aiming to transform technologies into valuable business solutions. We pride ourselves on always focusing on the big picture: Delphi innovations, Fundamentals, Tips and Tricks, Data bases, Frameworks and Tools and Cross platforms/ Mobile and Web technologies, as well as expert professional insight into the very latest methodologies and best-practices.

Interaction and exchange of ideas is one of the great attributes of EuroDevCon 2014 – a meet, greet, listen and learn conference!

At a glance

  • Intense Power Workshops und Sessions with practical relevance.
  • Meet renowned international experts.
  • Open Expo with interesting IT companies on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Networking and exchanging knowledge with the speakers
  • All-inclusive meal with refreshments and snacks during the breaks, delicious lunch buffet , evening events on the first and second day - with free snacks and beer.
  • Download all of the workshops materials online.
  • Receive a personal certificate confirming your attendance, magazines for free, internet access for free and more.